We understand that there are different ways for you to develop as a movement practitioner and that everyone is at a different stage.
The full Comprehensive PIlates Teacher Training cetificate comprises a total of 734 hours divided in two phases: the “Training Programme” 144 hours and the “Student Apprenticeship” 590 hours.

Completing only the "Training Programme" (9 modules) is an option for those not looking for a full certificate as a Pilates teacher. The modules could be taken as a bridging programme for those already qualified with other Pilates teacher training schools. In order to gain full certification we require you to complete the modules, as well as the student review lectures and apprenticeship hours and the final practical and written assessment.

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The Training Programme is comprised of 9 module where you gain extensive understanding of the Pilates method studying more than 175 Pilates movements plus variations. You will learn to make full use of all the Pilates studio equipment: reformer, trapeze table, chair, ladder barrel, mat and spine corrector.

The modules are delivered in an interactive way: through lectures, manuals and presentations, combined with practical application, hands on work and experiential movement as well as discussion.
Modules take place over the weekend: Saturday and Sunday.
We allow a break of 1 month in between modules to research and deepen the work.

  • Attendance and participation in all modules (144 hours)



We have put together an optional apprenticeship which will support your development as a studio teacher. During the apprenticeship time you will be welcomed to the life of the studio for observation, classes, self-practice, assisted teaching and themed lectures and case studies review. Total of 590 hours:

  • Attendance and participation in all student review lectures (24 hours)

  • 50 hours of studio classes

  • 300 hours of observation and supervised teaching

  • 200 hours of self-practice and movement research 

  • Final practical and written assessment 

  • Completion of three appraisals with the Course Director