Payment in full: £3650
(includes 9 modules, all manuals and learning materials)

Payment can also be made in instalments.
Please contact the Course Co-ordinator for further details.

Student Apprenticeship

Monthly Payments: £135 each month

A 12 month* apprenticeship includes: 
Student Apprenticeship (796 hours)

  • Attendance and participation in all student review lectures (24 hours)

  • 50 hours of studio classes

  • 300 hours of observation and supervised teaching

  • 200 hours of self-practice and movement research 

  • Final practical and written assessment 

  • Completion of three appraisals with the Course Director

    *Completion of the student apprenticeship is approximately 12 months.
    This is an estimate because it is dependent on the individual, including their previous experience and training as well as the time they have available for study. Some students may feel they need further training and complete more than ten months. Each student can start at any point during the course, when it feels most appropriate for them . For example, some students may prefer to delay the start of their apprenticeship until they have developed more confidence in self practice.