Evolve Movement Education was founded in 2013 with the aim of exploring the body in movement. Since then, EME has been delivering Pilates teacher training and movement courses that deepen the understanding of anatomy and its embodiment through movement. Our courses are a transformative journey, where you learn and change from your own experience. Through true participation, you can effectively sense and understand anatomy and movement in order to help others. This is true of our anatomy courses as well as our Pilates teacher training.

Our Philosophy 

We believe in awakening a greater awareness of ourselves as human beings, integrating the participants own experience as we explore the moving body. 
We are committed to creating an environment where you develop through teamwork and interaction.
Teaching movement we are inspired by people’s transformation. We connect to incredible stories and life journeys. People move beyond the imaginable; from strong and supple movers to others challenged with joint replacements, missing limbs, spinal injuries, neurological challenges, chronic pain… all of them working towards their own movement potential.

Our Mission 

We are committed to provide students with the highest standard of comprehensive Pilates teacher training, deepening the student’s understanding of anatomy and enhancing their education in the Pilates method and movement science.

We prepare our students to have an integral view of the body in movement and adjust and tailor each session to the client’s specific needs.
We are committed to update our teaching with the latest movement and fascial research. 

We focus on inspiring movement professionals with up to date continued professional development, through relevant professional workshops and a five month long fascial anatomy course.

Our Teaching Team

Our Admin Team



Moving Fascia

Ana Barretxeguren
during Module 5 of Moving Fascia looking at the spine


Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Nine modules and a 12 month apprenticeship


Online Education

Fascial Anatomy course
coming Autumn 2019